Build an innovation department that works

Make  growth reliable

Ask yourself

Does your innovation department fail to produce sizable and consistent growth?

What is your 10 year financial return goal?

Are you confident your innovation pipeline will support top-line growth goals over the next 5 to 10 years?

We build corporate innovation departments that allow you to win in your chosen markets on a repeat and reliable basis!


We are Sunstone Growth, a Certified Partner of Innovators Equation.


Innovation Management

Our partners at Innovators Equation studied the  2,000 largest companies in the world to determine which innovation practices are common to the top performers.


Of the 120+ innovation practices in use, only

27 are shared by the worlds most innovative organizations. 

The ongoing research has taken over 10 years to compile and became The World Database of Innovation. This data is the foundation of our unique innovation management framework.

Innovation Management
is Risk Management

With markets accelerating and product life cycles shortening, the ability to manage the innovation process has never been more critical.


Many executives view investment in innovation as risky, but by using a data driven process, it becomes an exercise in risk management.


We can help build an innovation department to create and manage a portfolio of investments in the future growth and profitability of your company based on the best practices of the world's most successful organizations.