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Large Company Expertise
at a Small Company Cost

let our team make your team more effective

We understand


Growing a business is not easy! The world has never been more competitive and technology has never moved so fast.


We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there! For over 25 years we have helped small businesses grow as either an owner, senior executive  or close advisor. We know what it’s like to struggle to make payroll and how difficult it is to find and retain good employees. We know the helpless feeling of not knowing exactly what’s happening inside your company.


No matter what challenges you face, measuring

performance is fundamental. We help your team

understand your numbers and how to use that

data to serve your customers more effectively by establishing metrics, setting obtainable goals, creating process, and overcoming roadblocks to success. 


Sunstone Growth will train and empower your staff to organize and manage the parts of the business you dread so your leadership team can focus on what you are passionate about, pursuing the vision!


Contact us now to schedule a conversation about

the next steps to your future success.

We are a team of experts from different disciplines and industries who have driven the success of small and medium size companies. We have hands-on experience in the areas of:
  • Sales Team & Business Development
  • Marketing Strategy & Campaign Execution
  • Content Creation & Web Development
  • Financial Analysis & Key Performance Indicators 
  • Operations & Plant Management
  • Process Improvement & Innovation Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Planning & Development
  • Product Engineering & Development
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