Corporate Innovation Assessment

We will conduct an evidence-based assessment of your R&D, new product development, and other innovation  systems, and recommend how to make  top-line growth and gross margin gains reliable and repeatable.


You will be benchmarked against the worlds most innovative companies in the Innovators Equation database of more than 2,000 corporations.

Speaking, Training

Contact us about hiring Steve as a keynote speaker on innovation management, or to train your CEO and executive team in the art and science of innovation management.

Build a New

Innovation Department

We design a system and department that works for your unique culture, in your industry, at this point in your history. The new department includes the organizational structure, 10 year growth metrics, incentive systems, legal framework, internal communication strategy and investment structure.


We can even help find that rare person who has proven experience managing massive growth organizations or provide interim or part-time Chief Innovation Officer services structured to your individual requirements.

Renovate Your Existing Department

If you are not satisfied with your company’s current innovation effort,  it is likely structured as a project team rather than a true department or it's incorporated within the marketing or R&D department which can hinder effectiveness. 

We have helped some of the world’s  most  successful companies renovate their existing infrastructure and build departments that deliver results on a 5-10 year basis, mitigating the risk of innovation.

We can also help develop and  integrate your M&A and organic innovation efforts into an efficient, agnostic function that drives long-term growth.